Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Old fashioned Mary Jane baby Booties

Mary Jane Zalm en wit baby sokjes

My new Baby Booties

Baby Mary Jane booties with 2 color straps
I have just finished these two pair baby shoes. One is a combination of pink and grape with a white as a based and the other is a color of Lime Juice, yellow and mint green. I love them both! Thanks for stopping by.

Open huis 30 Oktober 2010

OnzeTuin huis en de arme egel - Our House garden and the poor Hedgehog
We are just moved and have a lot of things still need to be done soon before the open house. Hanging wallpaper, curtains, carpets, flowers, used hanging shelf woods and a lot more. Don't thing this will be finished before the 30th, well it doesn't have to, but I will just pray that the day will be a bit better than these latest few days which goes only raining after another rain. Caught down in terrible flu, couldn't move further though I push myself that far. That cost me more worst.

This is a picture of our small garden house, it looks very bright and beautifull at that moment. Sure! it was summer and the sun shine so loving. The green of our grape leaves made it looks more nicer, all still green and colorfull. Little story about our small garden house, it lays at the back of our house nead the lil woods. We put all used paintings material, used shelf woods, garden tools etc etc. We were moving and so many things have to be happened, Wil put all heavy woods all together there inside the corner. Till a week after I went visit there inside to keep some of my unnecessary things, it smell very strange but the wether is very unfriendly to stay there and keep searching for the smell. It was week and week after till Wil decided to look further to what is the source of the smell. It was indeed raining heavily when he found a small dead hedgehog. SHe still so cute and inspirring to me. Wat a pity! I never see a hedgehog in my life, but I have to see a dead one. Didn;t know how does it happened at that moment while she crawling inside and get stucked in the middle our wooden shelfs. Poor baby girl, hope I found later you again, and alivE!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Venice oh Venice

First Time in Italy

It was 2007 and summer almost over, but yes it was extremely beautifull whether. I've never been to Italy and it such different while I stepped myself out from the plane. I love Venice and I love you. It's the most beautifull day in my life after such a time I've trapped in a deep black tunnel.

the first I see it in your eyes
Je leven alleen maar richten op geld verdienen laat een zeker gebrek aan ambitie zien. Het vraagt te weinig van jezelf. Alleen wanneer je je wagon koppelt aan iets wat groter is dan jezelf, zul je je ware potentieel benutten.
Your life just focus on earning money shows a certain lack of ambition shown. It asks too little of yourself. Only when you attach your wagon to something larger than yourself, you will utilize your true potential

(Barack Obama)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A house at a side of a harbor - Havenkade Leiden

 I made this picture to say a farewell to our old loving house at Havenkade, t'is how the view right infront our house. So long beautifull view, I used to walk on the sideway and breath the river breeze late afternoon in the summer, its amazing feeling. In the winter the water become ice, but not good enough to skating.
Havenkade, Leiden - July, 2010
Sure we will miss it, but our new house is warm chossy and loving too!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Baby Sokjes Collecties

Baby Sokken maken is mijn passie
Ik maak zoveel babykleding zoals sokjes, truitjes, hoedjes, deken. Van dit alles vind ik het leukst om sokjes te maken.
Sloffen, mary janes, moccasin, ik heb meer dan 35 paar sokjes gemaakt in deze laatste maanden.
Kijk een paar van mijn colecties hieronder of bekijk mijn winkel