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I love Sushi

I love sushi very much, and was in love since the first I've tried it in 2001. But since that time I always thought it was so hard to make it.
I am a cooking mania beside off course my crochet mania. I can say I cook almost everyday, my traditional Indonesian, france kitchen, italian pastas or chinese, I can make it with my heart (without looking to the recipe book or googling)

I love Japan and it's culture very much, their rice art or just a manga design, and off course the food.
Finally decided to across the fear of making sushi and found that is NOT that hard after tried myself and have succeed it, it just so FUN and arty.

Maki Sushi

Maki sushi is a roll of fish/sea food with rice wrapped in nori (seaweed), a choice combine with a slice of cucumber and carrot made it tasty fresh and healthy. Two variations of the maki sushi are: Futomaki - "fat maki", the bigger form of this type usually made with two or more different fillings. Hosomaki - "thin maki", made with only one filling, usually fish or seafood, but may also be a single vegetable. For instructions you will need to prepare first things that is very basic for sushi making.
This are what basic items you need;
1. Roll matt
you might found it in the chinese grocery. In netherland, Albert Heijn sell a package starter complete with insturction and basic needs.

2. Wooden rice bowl (HANGIRI)

A hangiri is a cypress wood barrel/tub used in the sushi rice prepration process. Its main function is to make the rice cool faster due to its unique shape, and moisture obsorption ability.

Hangiris are pretty expensive, and that is probably why most home sushi makers prefer using a cheaper plastic bowl alternative.
I've started without using this, a microwave plastick made rice cooker can made a perfect sushi rice too!
3. Nori (seaweed)

Nori (a.k.a. laver) is a paper like, edible, toasted seaweed used in most kinds of sushi. The nori is actually the part that holds the sushi together.

Nori is usually supplied in packs of 10s or 50s. It arrives in a moist free package, for it must stay dry at all time until used. For that reason it is recommended to get the 10 pack for home use.
5. Fresh Smoked Salmon, you can try next time with crab or ot
6. Sushi rice a sticky Japanese rice What is sushi rice?

Proper sushi rice (sushi meshi).Sushi rice, a.k.a. sushi-meshi, is a sticky short grained kind of rice. Its original stickiness is what makes it perfect for sushi making. You may try and make sushi using other kinds of rice, but no rice beats sushi-meshi for sushi making.
7. Seasoning rice vinegar, you can find in any fame supermarket or japanese/ chinese grocery
8. Fresh cucumber and carrot
9. Wasabi - japanese soya - seasoning ginger (Gari)
How to?
1. Cook rice with a measure of  2 rice add up with 3 water add a pinch of salt or more as you like, I add another little some more water because this sort of rice is kind of dry. Put in the microwave(magnetron) for 15 minutes.
2. Pour the cooked rice with seasoning rice vinegar
3. Cut the cucumber about 0.5 cm, do the same with the carrot, follow the length of your bamboo matt.
4. Slice the salmon about 1.5 cm with the same length as your bamboo matt.
5. Lay the matt then on top of it put the nori, bring the rice in about 0.5 cm .
6. Bring the salmon, cucumber and carrot right on the middle of it.
7. Roll it from your side and give a little weight of your body on to.
8. Prepare a sharp knife and make it little bit wet, do the same to the sushi roll (water your hand and dump on to the sushi roll) so that you will easily cut it. Gently cut your sushi roll.
9. Serve it with wasabi ~ soya ~ gari
Itadakimasu ~ eet smakelijk!
My first sushi

Itadakimasu !

Nasi Oedoek

This is one of my favourite traditional food from Jakarta (Indonesia), almost all women there know the basic igredients how to make it, which is rice (nasi) cook with coconut milk. What make this special is because I add some spice that is not so common to use, it’s cinnamon and cloves. I have this secret recipes from an old women selling her nasi oedoek in the corner of Jakarta which is very famous nowadays, in the area of Kebon Kacang, if you asked people there Nasi Oedoek Kebon Kacang everybody know how delicious special this place is. They even open a branch in many places, where some of them is only a "name" so!
They way I cook it might be very rare to some traditional women, but it's very handy to busy woman who doesn't want to miss their hobby to cook.
I cook rice with ricecooker for microwave, it's a  it took me only 14-16 mins depend to how much we cook. And it's so easy to clean and make a new one.

My extra tip :

Always wash the rice well before you cook, because there are the dust attached to itself this made the rice taste not so original and sticky.

Some rice like basmati rice, which I always prefer to cook this rice have a dry character, we need to add just a little more water on it. Some other rice has enough softness character then you just need to follow 1:1.5

note : the picture is not by me, will post my own picture soon.

What you need:

* 3 glass rice (I choose basmati/pandan)
* 3 glass coconut milk
* 1.5 glas water
* 2 cinnamon stick  (divide in 2/3)
* 3 cloves
* zout
* pandan (optional),poeroet & salam leaves (2/3 leaves)
* lemongrass (sereh)

lemongrass (batang sereh)

How to make:
Simple way: mix and cook al ig. In a rice cooker with special microwave rice cooker (you can find this on the Chinese shopping centre) approx 16 mins.

You can use your traditional way to cook rice too! (will post it separately)

Serve with:
Sliced Omelet

Peanut sauce (will post this separately)
Fried onion
Fried chicken (will post this separately)
Fried Tahoe/Tempe

Hope you enjoy it !

Happy cooking..

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