Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It is the time to give

It's getting closer to the time, the time where people all over the world celebrate, christmas is the time where everybody comeback to the origin, joining with family, the loved ones and being happy, where joyfull is the only way to be fullfilled in the heart.

This time I would like to give my special thanks to Lorena Velazques which a while ago featuring one of my christmas shoes on her etsy.

Here is my time to featuring


My deep sincere thank you ... you bring a sprinkles to my heart!

Wishing you a beautifull Christmas full with joy and peace!

my warmest greetings,
~ Cindy ~

Monday, 19 December 2011

A simple story of a Candy Canes boy seller

One of these days A little tiny boy (about 9 years) with a big green round eyes, standing infront of my door in one cold winter rainy day, carry a box full with candy canes and another box for us to drop a coin.

I never kept money on my purse (that's prety silly), but my heart keep saying I want to give something to him (but what).
So then I keep talking to him and asking how many people has he gone thru and how much coins dropped into his coin box, while my head running here and there to think for any idea to what to give to him. 
His answer touched my deepest heart, I think will touch you too! I have NONE, nobody drop any coin to my box.

I told him that I don't have any money kept in my house and asking him if he has ate something for lunch. He said he has been eaten for breakfast, a clap of bread with honey.
He helps his parents on their organization to sell small little things on every seasonal chance, easter, christmas, and any other celebration, painted eggs, candy canes crochet, candies etc
I offer him a warm chocollate but he wave his head and say no I have to go because he needs to sell something before he can go home. Wait a second, I have something for you then I run into my kitchen and grab some of rocky bubblegum fudge from the fridge where I have made couple days ago, wrap it on a plastick sandwich bag and running back to the door. 
He is still standing there and turning his face to me with an open mouth, "Thought you will love this, keep thin on your pocket and you will have a bit energy to walk over another houses and collecting your coins"
He smile to me and wanted to give me his candy canes as a return, told him to go around another house and if tomorrow you pass this street again I will have some coins for you.
He left and wave his hands with a big smile on his cute little face, from the window I saw he walk to another house while grabbing one piece of my fudge. I feel so touched with this sight and wonder that he will come back tomorrow.
Our heart sometimes blocked with so many fake stories how people try to manipulate little children to earn some money for them. But behind this story I will just wanted to ask your thought and see from a different angle, how we still need to act as sincere as a little boy.
The next day I expect this boy to stop by my door again but I have nobody ring my door, but when I see thru out my window I saw something on the floor. 
3 candy canes lay on the floor infront of my door, he must be leaving it there yesterday while he left the sreet because, I never use my front door to go out, I use my backyard door as an out and entrance, so I didn't realize it till now.

There are so little of us can be touched with this kind of stories, because of our tight schedule, busy of our daily, sickness, hates, of we just close our heart to protect ourself from so many unkind people who tried to hurt us.
Forget about how other try to hurt us, just be ourself and be good. 

"There always good things for us when we give to others our kindness."

"Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it"

and believe this : 

"Kindness is like a boomerang, always return!"

For a close I sing this little child song that I always sing together with my mum when I was a little. I never forgot how she sing this beautifully together with Andy Williams, A song and a christmas tree :

On the first day of Christmas my good friends brought to me, 
A song and a Christmas tree--(first verse only. All other verses, "a song for the Christmas tree.")
On the second day of Christmas my good friends brought to me,
two candy canes
On the third day of Christmas my good friends brought to me, 
three boughs of holly
fourth--four colored lights
fifth--a shining star
sixth---little silver bells
seventh--candles a glowing
eighth--gold and silver tinsel
ninth--a guardian angel
tenth--some misletoe
eleventh--gifts for one and all
twelveth--all their good wishes
 Send "A Song And A Christmas Tree" 

A Song and a Christmas Tree ~ Sung by Andy Williams ~ Created by Leroux ~ Dedicated to those who savor present joys and remember the happiness this season holds. ~ Let us keep Christmas, may yours be filled with love, blessed with peace, and filled with joy!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Tree is coming to town

Buying a christmas tree is an ancient tradition from time to time, it gave us a kind of feeling that you never can describe how lovely it is, how we went thru all this tradition on this very precious moment.

The tree has a long association with Christianity, when it began in Germany about 1000 years ago was said to come across a group of pagans worshipping an oak tree. St Boniface is said to have cut down the oak tree and to his amazement a young fir tree sprung up from the roots of the oak tree. This has been taken as a sign of the Christian faith. But it was not until the 16th century that fir trees were brought indoors at Christmas time.

In my place the time to buy the christmas tree was just started a day after we celebrate Sinterklas. It's time for the Nordmann pine tree to show their beautifull wings on every houses. Though their pricess of a bit more than 5 ft tall are going to flow up every year and this year cost you € 50 where last year we can buy it for € 40. Still, I didn't see houses here perform without that cool tree!

We went around to have a check where to buy this because the old place tree market was relocate to some other far away place. Decided to buy in another place nearby but seems to be it's not a good idea. They don't have too much to choose and they were not beautifull.
So we went for a cycling and try to find the new location of that old pine tree seller, a 15 minutes to cycle and it was a nice weather though.
There you are 5 ft tree hoop ~ lah went to Wil's shoulder and cycling! I feel bit scarry to see this even for the so many times, it's kind of a performance in a circus. Looking to the other side of the road, another man were cycling with I think almost 6 ft tall nordmann too!
I don't take any picture for this, I was too busy with my own cycling and Ally on my side running.

On the way back I feel like to cycling a bit slowly and enjoying the weather. A glance at the other west side, I saw a beautifull scene that I don't feel to miss it.
Parking my bike in the small park, sitting a while with Ally (my tshih tsu) and admiring the beautifull view at the side of a small lake at the zijlsingel .
I feel like losing my words sitting on the still calm day, this is what I love about my city.

Went back at home, another half an hour it started drizling then getting harder and harder. In an hour time after, it was unbelievable dark and wet! Yeah, this is netherlands!!
But, I'm safe, home and enjoying my tea!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

God talks to you

18 minutes meditation to hear God

Kerstmarkt Moezel (Duitsland) - Bernkastel Kues

Van november tot december vinden er op diverse locaties langs de Moezel kerstmarkten plaats. We hebben een leuke lange weekendtje daar gehad. Ook vorige jaar hebben we heel mooi tijdens!
De pittoreske dorpjes en bruisende steden aan de Moezel staan bekend om hun sfeervolle kerst-markten. Bezoek de kraampjes in Traben-Trarbach. Doe uw kerstinkopen in Cochem en ontdek winterse sferen in Trier en Bernkastel. Of gewoon geniet je tussen de dacht met gluhwein!

Wandel je door de wijndorpjes langs de Moezel, vanaf diverse plaatsen heeft u een mooi uitzicht over de verlichte dorpjes.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Free Crochet Pattern - Mary Jane CHOCO VANILLA with lovely lace

....continuing from the former post
Here is my goodies,

Do you need the pdf version or any question raised, please leave me your comment and ask me so that you can print it out and easily making it at home.
This pattern originally designed by myself and sincerely dedicated to you for charity and goodwill, so please do not distribute or re-copy this to sell.

All my e-pattern has made and created by myself, I dedicate thi to share here with all crochet lovers but please do not re-sell or re-distributed my pattern as yours. You can use it for yourself - or a gift -or as a charity but please give credit to
Thank you for your respect to my pattern :)

Happy crochetting!

Do you like your result, buy me a capuccino and I will give out 80% from your donation to hunger people in Hoorn Africa via giro 555
Let's share - let's give what we have to others that less have than us!
Give Love - share Love - Have peace.

warmest hugs ~ Cindy

Holiday is on their way -

Hi how are you crochetter!

Holiday season is on the way, have you done something for it?
Thanksgiving day (came on November 24th), Sinterklas (celebrate in Netherland on December 5th), then we all celebrating Christmas when the New Year coming just soon after a week.

What good things you have done for others, what will you give to your love ones, friends or people around?
Writting poems, playing the music while designing christmas cards and express the lovely feeling you would love to share. What goodies I would love to give on Sinterklas ?
A warm hat for my son, a handmade slippers to mom, a goodie bag full with surprise for my niece or a handpainted christmas ornament for my aunt. Ohh, I just loved to imagine it !What is yours, don't you want to share me?

Here is my goodies!
An easy to follow pattern that you can earn a big smile from your daughter when your give your own handmade for you newborn granny or being a proud mother to make your own baby shoes.

Love to see your result please share what ever you like
 donate and I will give this out to the hunger in Hoorn Africa thru GIRO 555

This is the Precious Season Pattern!

Let's get ready for this warm loving season and fill our heart with joy and laughter for each other.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Acrylic schachenmayr color Chart

Color Chart of Acrylic yarn - Schachenmayr

Just to note those Color numbers are made to make myself easy to remember and categorized per color and not the number from the yarn fabric.

My Autumn Giveaway

Giveaway 2 baby loafers booties for 2 winners - you choose size and colors

I have to say I am bit late with my ‘Giveaway promise’, it is supposed to be end of last summer season. But here you are, this is my promise ..

A giveaway of 2 pairs of Baby Loafers booties handmade for 2 winners with Acrylic yarn or with Organic cotton yarn
Choose yourself from the available booties model A: handmade with acrylic yarn and model B: handmade with Eco cotton (Organic cotton yarn)
Colorchart for eco cotton available under my post dated October 21st, 2011 (the one with pink background), please say the code number and Colorchart code for Acryl yarn you can find next post picture posted on October 22nd, 2011. Choose 2 colors, one color for the body and the 2nd for the inner sole color.

It’s open today Sunday October 22nd 13:00 +1GMT – Amsterdam time to everyone, I will send it to you to any baby size Newborn – 12 months.
Two winner will be chosen by random
This program will ends on
Saturday December 3rd, 2011 at 18:00 +1GMT – Amsterdam time.
Below are the program instructions, please read and follow each steps.

Model A-acrylic booties


Baby Loafers Denim - Smokey grey

Baby Loafers Lime green & almond 

Baby loafers fuchsia - almond

Model B - with Organic eco-cotton yarn

Baby loafers purple - smokey grey

These are 3 simple steps you need to follow:

1. Be my followers on my blog and leave any comment to any kind of my post.
2. Visit Lovely crochet & creative boutique and choose your favorite item.
Come back here and leave comment under this Giveaway post, with as follow information :
       a) valid email address (to let you know whenever you became a winner)
       b) baby booties size(baby age) and
       c) the 2 colors code no. you have choosen.
       d) your fav items on my etsy. 
3. Like my Facebook Page and share this program then leave me your facebook name

4. Support me to reach my 500th Twitter followers and tweet this giveaway program.

Baby loafers off white - soft pink

Hope you’re all will enjoying this game ~ I wish you all the luck!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Eco Cotton

Eco Cotton van Katia is 100% katoen met organisch certifikaat

Organische katoen

De organische katoen wordt verkregen door middel van technieken die de natuurlijke omgeving respecteren. (biologische agricultuur). De organische produkties behouden en zorgen voor de vruchtbaarheid van de grond en verminderen het gebruik van schadelijke verdelgers en giftige vruchtbaarmakende produkten.
Zijn EKO cerfifikaat geeft de garantie dat de kwekers van deze katoen methodes en veroorloofd materiaal gebruiken in de organische produktie.

Organic Cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers and build biologically diverse agriculture. Their Certificate EKO verifies that organic producers use only methods and materials allowed in organic production.

Organic / eco-cotton chart of colors
voor groter image kijk naar mijn/
to find a more clearly and bigger image please click my flickr then right click choose the large image :

Available colors with pink background.

Prijs per-bol € 3.00
Verzendkosten : € 8.00 (binnen nederland)
Geen verzendkosten bij bestellingen boven € 100

Ben je geinterseerd, schrijf mij wat voor code nummer en hoeveel je nodig heb naar :
pay pal onder naam :

Waarom biologisch katoen wordt popular ?

Het verschil tussen katoen, polyester/katoen en biokatoen

Veel mensen vragen zich af wat het verschil is tussen katoen en bio-katoen (ook wel bekend als biologisch of organisch katoen). Bio-katoen heeft dezelfde eigenschappen als gewoon katoen met het verschil dat organisch katoen op een duurzame manier is geproduceerd. Niet alleen is het goed voor het milieu aangezien er geen kunstmatige meststoffen en pesticiden gebruikt zijn tijdens de productie, maar ook is er tijdens de productie op toegezien dat deze ethisch en onder sociaal verantwoorde omstandigheden plaatsvindt. Door de hele productieketen heen! We zijn er trots op dat bijna al onze katoenen T-shirts geheel gemaakt zijn volgens de procedures en richtlijnen van MADE-BY; hetgeen betekent dat wij gebruik maken van 100% biologisch katoen, en dat productie dus ook onder sociaal verantwoorde omstandigheden is gemaakt. Je kunt deze herkennen aan het onderstaande logo. Meer producten volgen!

Om het gebruik van chemische bestrijdingsmiddelen te verminderen is genetisch gemanipuleerde katoen ontwikkeld. Bij de genetisch gemodificeerde kan tot minder dan 80% chemicaliën worden gebruikt. Inmiddels is het grootste deel van de katoenteelt genetisch gemodificeerd en is de teelt van de originele katoenplant op verschillende plaatsen zelfs verboden.

Organische katoen
Organische of biologische katoen wordt verkregen van niet-gemodificeerde katoen en wordt verbouwd bestreden met andere insecten of door de planten te besprenkelen met kruidenmengsels. Het plukken van de katoen gebeurt met de hand. Om de landbouwgrodn niet uit te putten wordt de teelt van katoen afgewisseld met granen en peulvruchten.

Hoge kwaliteit vs hogere prijs
Het is wel duidelijk zijn door die specifiekke process dat organische of biologische katoen duurder is dan de ouderwets geteelde katoen.

Katoen of Gossypium is veruit de belangrijkste natuurlijke vezel voor de textielindustrie. Katoen is sterk, duurzaam en ademend en neemt qua gebruik in de wereld nog altijd toe.

De kwaliteiten van ruwe katoen worden door de vezellengte bepaald. Hoe langer de katoenvezel, hoe lastiger het is om te verbouwen en hoe ingewikkelder het verwerkingsproces. De lengte van de vezel en dus de katoenkwaliteit is bepalend voor de prijs.

Geschrijven vanuit verschillende bronnen

Monday, 3 October 2011

I love Autumn

Hi bloggers,
Been long time not blogging due to my daily and continously nonstop new orders. I am still crochetting and always welcome to your comments.
Till then, wishing you all a very Happy Autumn.
I just love this season, hope you all enjoying like me!

Friday, 5 August 2011

~My Girl version of~

Vraag mij niet waarom ik het zo leuk vind om babysokjes te maken. Ik zou het ook echt niet weten, ik vind het zo mooi dat mijn sokjes om kleine zachte voetjes zitten!

Ik kreeg zoveel aanvragen om mijn Loafers boy model sokjes te maken, dat ik ook een Loafers meisjes model heb gemaakt. Het is zonde als het alleen maar in mijn gedachten blijft zitten, daarom wil ik ook het loafers model voor de meisjes versie realiseren. Leuk toch, vind je niet...?



Ask me why I love so much making baby booties. I can surely not easy to answer you, it is just so so lovely to think how cute are my booties wears on those little tiny toe!

I got a lot of orders of my loafers style booties, why should I make another version of loafers while I made so many for girls. Hmmmm... there is no realy any answer except it is too beautifull to keep it only in my head dreaming about the colors mix come into reality to my loafers booties.

graag jouw reactie is heel belangrijk voor mij - i love your comment 

veel liefs