Wednesday, 22 February 2012

One day in December 2011

One day in December 2011

Returning back into my agenda pages, I have missed this precious moment with these 2 wonderfull little boys.
They are featuring on my etsy listing for some little cute beanie.
They pick me in the station, I was so surprised with their friendly face welcoming me into their car. Their mom is a friend of my ours. Not like normally baby and kids are not so easy to meet with stranger, they are absolutely gorgeous! Making a picture of them was just soo Fun, can't be more fun than this!!

In the beginning, I am still stunned myself to take their attention on the camera. Off course they refused it in the beginning. But, they just easily cooperate, just like a pro model.
I just love the result of my pictures, they are just wonderfull!
Thanks cute little buddy! 
Hope to meet you again soon... smooch to Stan and Yauke.

I love your comments!
~ warmest thoughts ~

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

What a beautifull day today! The sun shine brightly and it's not really that cold anymore. Wake up freshly this morning with bunch of ideas in my mind.
In the beginning my plan are, making pudding, finishing my orders, groceries, arranging pictures etc etc but then I just out of my bed 11:20 just after sending mails, replying emails, change profile picture on facebook, arrange some re-advertisement .. uh oh

My valentine's are my husband and my son, they inspired me everyday and bring a lot of flowers, fragrance and breath in every single way I made. The rest are my family, my mom (mother in heaven) and mother (Annie mom of my husband) whom giving me a lot of support even in the very simple way, my aunt (Pietje) showing me the best efficient way to think positive, my sister (Ingrid) whom always be opening her hand whenever I'm down and in trouble.

From them I earn the love, care and attention where I have those inspiration and create many things daily to share with all people and friends in my life.
Those are my photographs I made, flowers, crafting full with colors, inspiration and love. It's for you all my friends, am off now for a dinner -
enjoy and Happy Valentine's day

A birthday flower bouquet from Wil

A doillies crochet with pink tulip embelishment made for Window valentine's arrangement

Valentine card 2012 I created for Wil 

Annie always likes me, no matter what I am
Willie and Ingrid - the smiles that always cheers me again!
Daan and Zoe - their laugh and stories that inspirred me.
My son - to me he still a cute baby and always be
A year before she (mom) passed away am so glad she managed to fly to me
Brother and niece - the warmth of the family

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends! •♥ and hugs