Thank you for visiting my blog
I’m a positive, simple and caring person, living with my hubby, have a teen kindhearted boy, with a yorkie-shihtzu dog our old Lizy cat has passed away last year

I am a fulltimer accountant, my work requires a super concentration more than 40 hours a week, I try to make a balance to my routine with my hobbies to make life more livefull, creative and happy ~
I love crochetting and learn since I was teenage, 4 years ago I have started my Lovely crochet boutique, making booties for babies and some other cute little handmade. Visiting most beautifull places in the world and love to share it with people. I cook healthy food, and learn how to bake diabetic cookies

a loving busy bee

I'm happy to make friends with you, feel free to write me.