Thursday, 10 November 2011

Free Crochet Pattern - Mary Jane CHOCO VANILLA with lovely lace

....continuing from the former post
Here is my goodies,

Do you need the pdf version or any question raised, please leave me your comment and ask me so that you can print it out and easily making it at home.
This pattern originally designed by myself and sincerely dedicated to you for charity and goodwill, so please do not distribute or re-copy this to sell.

All my e-pattern has made and created by myself, I dedicate thi to share here with all crochet lovers but please do not re-sell or re-distributed my pattern as yours. You can use it for yourself - or a gift -or as a charity but please give credit to
Thank you for your respect to my pattern :)

Happy crochetting!

Do you like your result, buy me a capuccino and I will give out 80% from your donation to hunger people in Hoorn Africa via giro 555
Let's share - let's give what we have to others that less have than us!
Give Love - share Love - Have peace.

warmest hugs ~ Cindy

Holiday is on their way -

Hi how are you crochetter!

Holiday season is on the way, have you done something for it?
Thanksgiving day (came on November 24th), Sinterklas (celebrate in Netherland on December 5th), then we all celebrating Christmas when the New Year coming just soon after a week.

What good things you have done for others, what will you give to your love ones, friends or people around?
Writting poems, playing the music while designing christmas cards and express the lovely feeling you would love to share. What goodies I would love to give on Sinterklas ?
A warm hat for my son, a handmade slippers to mom, a goodie bag full with surprise for my niece or a handpainted christmas ornament for my aunt. Ohh, I just loved to imagine it !What is yours, don't you want to share me?

Here is my goodies!
An easy to follow pattern that you can earn a big smile from your daughter when your give your own handmade for you newborn granny or being a proud mother to make your own baby shoes.

Love to see your result please share what ever you like
 donate and I will give this out to the hunger in Hoorn Africa thru GIRO 555

This is the Precious Season Pattern!

Let's get ready for this warm loving season and fill our heart with joy and laughter for each other.