Friday, 19 October 2012

Merino Loafers Booties

I need to start with another new color using a warm yarn, for the coming winter collection. I made this using one of my favourite merino wool yarn from malabrigo. These thread are so lovable!
This merino yarn made taken from another kind of ships that live in Uruguay, they are so wonderfull soft, I can't bear not to put it on my cheek everytime I hold this before starting with my hook. I've ordered it from a yarn shop in Barcelona 'Allyouknitislove'where you can find their contact in one of my blog post too. 
I really love this merino, it always turned my booties into a very chewable booties, so soft and comfortable.
There are not so much more left on my stock, so I can't make them too big. I would love to make them with a lovely hat, don't think it's good enough.

Here they are !
Indigo Pure Merino with dark grey trim Malabrigo Merino Loafer

and these are two other new cotton colors of my new collection,

Himmelblau pure cotton Loafers Booties

Lavender pure cotton Loafers booties

Graphit pure cotton Loafers booties

Which one are your favourite ?
Wish you all a lovely weekend!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chateau de Savilly France Bourgogne

The month turned to October, it was half of the month passed. 
Less than 2 months the Sinterklaas (St Nicolaas with those gifts) came, then Christmas, oh wow then 2012 will soon be over.
How time flies so extremely fast!

It's almost our anniversary...!

Wake up this morning, my thought flies to the ceremony at the city hall (gemeente hier), the wedding, the time we nodded each other to the man behind the city hall's desk, went we bike home changing our clothes then get ready for the 

party boat...

Whilst, my other memory jump to another part and it made me smiled gratefully - the castle where we have spent our fairytale wedding trip. 
Re-opened the album (still on my computer) I haven't had any chance to clip it and make a scrap album.
An unforgettable trip to Paris, then a little drive to an old village, Autun (Bourgogne) another 15 minutes drive away to a fairytale castle, Chateau de Savilly.
On the way to the Chateau
We spent a few days in this dreamy castle, not like alike a hotel that we mostly entered, it's decorated with one of a kinds furniture. It brought you to a timetunnel ages ago.
We woke up the first morning, opened the window and the wonderland laid infront of us. 
Fantastic breakfast waited for us, served by a dutch owner, who gave more than friendly but still gave a feeling of being served as a prince and princess.
A dining table surrounded with varies colors made of velvet dwarfs chairs. 

Ohh.. this is amazing! am speechless ... I feel like Alice in the wonderland. 
The fire place looks ages stood there stil, the quiet and stunning valley, faraway I hear the hiccups of the horse.
Enjoying the excellent path to walk across and find the nearest small forest. 
Shabby vintage dining room 

It's almost not easy to leave and drive back to the real life, but yaa..ahh no other....
Heading back to Paris, passing the old city Autun, another vintage moment to keep in my heart - in my deep memory.

The beauty in front of the window

Lovely lady in the garden
Dining table with colorfull varies '7 dwarfs' velvet seats
The looks alike old fireplace
The hiccups horse

Chateau de Savilly Bourgogne France

Homemade chocollate shop Chocolats du Maison

Off course a little paper bag, brought back a homemade chocollate Chocolat Maisons-Bernard Loiseau.

Enjoy this autumn weather - Geniet van de herfst ! 
This is the link if you love to experience there, just I was not really sure if they are still exist.

Have a wonderfull TuesDay!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What Silence means to me

In Silence I am closing my eyes
stop talking stop typing 
In Silence I am listening to the beat of my heart,
In Silence I am listening to my breath
following the movement of my stomach
In Silence I feel the flowing blood through my head
my ears
back to the movement of my stomach
following every beat of it
listening to it
Feel the blood flowing thru the veins of my hands
back bone
back to the movement of my stomach
bring the thought back everytime it flies to my routine
listen to the movement of my stomach...
listen to the voices around the room ....
listen to the voices outside....
the children playing...
the chirping birds...
back to my stomach...

I feel good and relax

 Chateau de Savilly Verriere - France 2008 picture taken by Wil

Silence are the gem in life. 
As the quote say : " Silence is the best answer to anger & performers are always silent "
To be silent we need patience first.
Patience will bring the world in peace.

Enjoy the silence ...


Thursday, 4 October 2012

DIY Autumn Flower embelishment

To all my crochet lover's friend, 

here I share you one of my fav. Autumn flower embelishment tutorial. 

It looks complicated but trust me, this is so easy to follow and it is just so fun to do it!

I show you how easy to make this lovely embelishment autumn flower, but yes you must first know the basic and I do use a simple stitch crochet abrev. 
Please feel free to ask me whenever you get lost and need my guide. 
This lovely autumn flower is a combine between some other style with my own *_>

These are what you need :

Round 1

Start with magic chain, using grey yarn

(slip stitch-chain 3-ss to the centre of magic ch) 7 times, till you reach the point where you have started end it up with ss (slip stich)

cut the grey yarn and hide the rest of the yarn later under the next color. Tight the start up yarn tail and hide it around using the rugs needle.

Round 2

Change with yellow yarn, ch 1-2 sc (single crochet) - ss to the joint between 2 gap of the grey yarn (as shown on pic below), keep continue till the end.

Round 3

Change with the orange yarn, start from behind the basic flower, choose one of the grey between 2 gap, ss-ch3-join to the next gap, continue to the other end, you will get 7 basic to hang the coming orange petal.

From the front side you will see as under picture,

Round 4

Ch 2-5dc (double crochet)-sc,sc to the next basic petal continue with the same style as the first petal have been made - times 7.

Round 5

Sc at the first gap-sc around the side of the petal - do not need any additional ch. Don't worry that the petal will be a little bit curved. You will do sc 6 in every petal-sc in the next gap and continue till the end.

The last step, I choose a green-gold metalic embroidery yarn to make the beautifull border around the gap.

I apply a chrystal gem in the middle for a finishing touch! 
Attach some extra nature stone and some extra embelishment to make a key hanger or bag hanger.

You may attach her on a lamp as an extra ornament too!

Let's try and Enjoy!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hortus Botanicus Leiden

It was almost end of summer, August 11th we were visitting again the Hortus Botanicus Leiden this time went along with our niece Zoe, daughter of Wil's bro.
Was a lovely bright sunny Saturday, it's kind of warm but the wind blow prety softly. So, it was so beautifull day!
The flowers are wonderfull, the sphere naturally beautifull, bees buzzes all around, butterfiles oh oh I love these nature - Vintage trees, with all those giant branches,  Japanese garden so artistically amuse me, also the garden of Pharaoh.
Just 10 minutes walk away from home, located nearby the Leiden University - at Rapenburg 73, Leiden.
Take a path walk - three of us was enjoying every steps with chat and laughs, beautifull pictures made then the time is almost over, we end up at the tea corner had capucino and carrot cake. Yumm-yumm!

These all beautifull pictures taken with my small handy flexible friend - Nikon Coolpix S8000 and these pretty scrapbook frame I have downloaded it from freeprettylittlethings .
Hope you love them - Enjoy!

Warmest hugs,