Thursday, 4 October 2012

DIY Autumn Flower embelishment

To all my crochet lover's friend, 

here I share you one of my fav. Autumn flower embelishment tutorial. 

It looks complicated but trust me, this is so easy to follow and it is just so fun to do it!

I show you how easy to make this lovely embelishment autumn flower, but yes you must first know the basic and I do use a simple stitch crochet abrev. 
Please feel free to ask me whenever you get lost and need my guide. 
This lovely autumn flower is a combine between some other style with my own *_>

These are what you need :

Round 1

Start with magic chain, using grey yarn

(slip stitch-chain 3-ss to the centre of magic ch) 7 times, till you reach the point where you have started end it up with ss (slip stich)

cut the grey yarn and hide the rest of the yarn later under the next color. Tight the start up yarn tail and hide it around using the rugs needle.

Round 2

Change with yellow yarn, ch 1-2 sc (single crochet) - ss to the joint between 2 gap of the grey yarn (as shown on pic below), keep continue till the end.

Round 3

Change with the orange yarn, start from behind the basic flower, choose one of the grey between 2 gap, ss-ch3-join to the next gap, continue to the other end, you will get 7 basic to hang the coming orange petal.

From the front side you will see as under picture,

Round 4

Ch 2-5dc (double crochet)-sc,sc to the next basic petal continue with the same style as the first petal have been made - times 7.

Round 5

Sc at the first gap-sc around the side of the petal - do not need any additional ch. Don't worry that the petal will be a little bit curved. You will do sc 6 in every petal-sc in the next gap and continue till the end.

The last step, I choose a green-gold metalic embroidery yarn to make the beautifull border around the gap.

I apply a chrystal gem in the middle for a finishing touch! 
Attach some extra nature stone and some extra embelishment to make a key hanger or bag hanger.

You may attach her on a lamp as an extra ornament too!

Let's try and Enjoy!!


Shari Lynne @ said...

Fantastic Tutorial Cindy! I love to crochet! My girls would love to make these too as gifts!

Blessings to you!

Ginny Marie said...

Beautiful! Visiting from BlogFrog!

OneMommy said...

That is beautiful! I haven't crocheted in a long time... I wonder if I could actually do that....

laughwithusblog said...

Amazing! My sister would love this. She is great at crochet.