Wednesday, 22 February 2012

One day in December 2011

One day in December 2011

Returning back into my agenda pages, I have missed this precious moment with these 2 wonderfull little boys.
They are featuring on my etsy listing for some little cute beanie.
They pick me in the station, I was so surprised with their friendly face welcoming me into their car. Their mom is a friend of my ours. Not like normally baby and kids are not so easy to meet with stranger, they are absolutely gorgeous! Making a picture of them was just soo Fun, can't be more fun than this!!

In the beginning, I am still stunned myself to take their attention on the camera. Off course they refused it in the beginning. But, they just easily cooperate, just like a pro model.
I just love the result of my pictures, they are just wonderfull!
Thanks cute little buddy! 
Hope to meet you again soon... smooch to Stan and Yauke.

I love your comments!
~ warmest thoughts ~

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EnKoppZen said...

Hi Cin, ... gosh, you´re really such a talent in this artwork, I must say. Such lovely work! /Celina