Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Welcome back to my blog!

This is a crazy week in this year since the last I remember. Not only physically busy but mentally I have been tested to what was happened these latest months.
After the pass away of my dad (with difficulties after so many dreams - I have to come back in reality and realizing myself that he is not there anymore), in early July I have been facing so many things in between testing my patience and vitality that sway my daily creativity.

In some moment I able to manage my feeling towards those problems, some of the time I able to create some new shoes designs and move on with my hung up crochet project. While shoe making for my shop growing heavier and busier!

One of those project is my African flower granny square blanket, thanks to nadelspiel.com for uploading the very usefull video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r8g1tq8VU0&list=PL20167B9A6ED554D2&index=155&feature=plpp_video as a charity project to support the hunger in Somalia.
I start to make this for myself last May, 2012 and predictable to be finished right before the winter or the cold came. The cold is already here but I am not even done a half of 't (shame on me). It's kind of difficult to divide within my shops and my personal projects. But I have so much energy to step ahead every single day, because I know it will absolutely turn into a beautifull granny blanket I dream about!

I know I have not plan so prety well this late to my bloggers, my excuse for that. But really hope that you all doing fine and being creative. This is what I could share with you, would be great if you will share me what yours up to! I am going to check my bread in the oven, I promise to be here again soon.

warmest hugs,

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