Saturday, 31 August 2013

It's almost fall

How do I need to start, it's been almost a year after I have last posted my blog and gone for Christmas, then facing so many health problem. Which not allowing me to sit longer infront of my computer than I already did for my work. Since early of this year I had an accident causing me not able to work with my right hand. That counted almost 2 months. Meaning I can't crochet and with difficulties surviving myself gone for work.

Breathing out, after my shoulder get better and finally healed. Try to build on my muscle strong, went to the gym, get myself to a routine for a jogging or any other sport. Then I am facing a slipped disc herniation problem, it is my 3rd month now after I got vonis by my MRI. Still lucky that I don't have to go for an operation, surely I don't want that. 
One exercise to another, went thru many any advices that give me much support. This is one of training that I add up together with the fysio training I've got from my physiotherapy.

Praying is another way for me to keep my spirit up after having so much unbearrable pain. I sometimes realize myself, how difficult we can put totally our hope on Him while all those trouble came by. Even so many times, He came to help and open our way. I learn everyday to accept and fully surrender. After couple of monthe, patiently training myself and down in pray, I do feel the light blinked at the end of the dark tunnel. Even though I do sometimes losing my believe and down into deep desperation, whenever the pain killing me or awake me in the mid of my sleep. I am lucky enough to have a fully supportive husband that support me with his positive thought day and night. Then I found myself the next morning fully spirit and hope. Hopefully I will soon heal my back and normal again.

Undoubtfully, my absent to my crochet for months and still not able to sit longer than 30 minutes. It's kind of sad, but I do accept it now. I know, I will be crochetting again, actively than ever.

It's a good feeling, that I enter my blog again and eager to write.
Woke up with pain, but still smilling. The weather is so supporting, it's wet outside but not that cold. Greyish and I love the smell. Wonderfull!!

One good morning I freshly awake, open my computer and start to look into my blog, which I am not doing it for such a time since I am not able to sit normal anymore.
Indeed it's my first day ever this year posting down to my blog. Try to put all together again, redesigning my heading picture which still have a winter design.Seems like I am visitting my old house, taken out all the dust from the walls. Sweeping out those web houses, opening old curtains and surprised myself how wonderfull to feel the sun shine thorougout the curtain warmed the house.

Get myself busy with a thought of our Wed anniversary, then Halloween, and Christmas.
Oh, what a beautifull feeling that I've missed!
Do you have any fresh brand new ideas through out these coming
season, would love to know what is your ideas for these coming fall season, halloween or even christmas. Would it be a pink Christmas, . how I wish I could have a pink design on my tree (if my hubby will ever allow me for that :)

Any new fav pumpkin soup recipe fancy your mind?
Love to hear from you ladies, will you share me.

Have a great lovely Autumn!

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Katherines Corner said...

happy Autumn to you too. Hugs!