Friday, 21 January 2011

Kerst 2010 in Moezel

Time passed so quickly, it's another 2 months ago, when I look back to my album to what we had a while ago. 6 hours driving to the border between Belgium and German, a step to the hill to a city next to moesel rivier. Christmas began very soon here, right to the time advent is started, they started to celebrate christmas.

It's cold, it's snowing, all is white and calm, the choir are singing every corner of the street, praising the Lord, each doors and walls wonderfully charmed and decorated, it's a miracle to be there!

For me, Christmas is a day to be happy. To not think about work, chores, worries, problems, pains, aches, or anything else negative. It's just a day for me to fill my heart with happiness. A day to appreciate being alive, to appreciate the good things in my life, a day to realize that my existence in the universe is significant. In the process, I try to fill the people's hearts around me with happiness, such as my husband and kids, friends, various family members, and so on, by giving them gifts and affection. I am Catholic, by the way, I passed the up and down a lot in my life, I've been transferred from bad to good till I found my peace. I feel that allowing myself to be happy on Christmas Day is the best way to show appreciation to Jesus Christ.

Another year to gain, till it comes again! Everyday is christmas in our house, when you accept Him - when you share love to everyone - when you try to forgive and to forget. Bless & peace to all .....

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