Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Yiwu Trade city China

This is a post about my travelling experience to Yiwu, trading city China. It's 300 km, 4 hours 20 minutes driving with car or 1 hour 35 minutes travelling with speed train from Shanghai. It lay on a ground around 2.8 million sqm with 200.000 shops, selling from toys, home decorations, socks, cosmetics, stationeries, textilles, crafting, electronics,clocks, suitcases, bags and you named it else. The biggest international city of where all buyers from each corner all over the world come to visit this city for the whole year. There are a lot of explanation of how to do the trade and where to find shops, or where to find a good agent.
But, here I try to give some simple practical information that you might need to know while you travel there.

The temperature of the city is around 3C-12C in the winter time, sweater, suits and shirts can be enough for you Yiwu has a weather similar to London, Paris, Koeln, Maastricht, Geneva, and New York. Very much like Las Vegas and Tokyo. Warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and cold winter.
Spring: Mar.-Apr. Temperature: 10C-25C. If you go to Yiwu in this time, sweaters, suits and shirts would be enough.
Summer: Jun.-Aug. Temperature: 25C-35C. It rains a lot in June, day in and day out. Shorts, thin shirts, skirts would be ideal. Sun glasses, sun-creams would be a plus.
Autumn: Sep.-Nov. Temperature: 10C-25C. Any clothes you wear with this temperature.

There almost no snow falls in this city, but this year the snow was falling heavily after 10 years they never see it falling.
You may thought that people here are able to communicate in english easily, but it's not so. In Shanghai, 60% people able to speak english but even in International airport, it's very difficult to find people that can help you to talk english.
In Yiwu itself, the trader are almost not speaking english, so it's good if you have an agent inclusively become your translator.

There are hotels lay around, close to the trade market, with price around 100 up to 300 Yuan or about 10 euro up to 30 euro, big or small restaurants around it. Hotel for 160 yuan are good enough for some hotel, but not all gave you a standard service. Food are mostly clean enough to european stomach, we don't have to be worry to catch a stomach pain to consume any of food around those restaurants lays in the trade market.
Choose food that is cook in front of you is the most wise advisable thing to avoid having problem with your stomach.The food here in Yiwu, taste more spicy than average chinese food, less oily but it tastefull.
I prefer to eat soup that is cook in front of you with some meatballs, noodle and vegy that you can eat straight away after it cooked. It taste fantastic! They put a lot of preservative to give a good taste on your soup, drink a lot of water thereafter to not make your throat over dry or irritated. A bowl of soup full with fish ball, meat balls, vegetables and noodle, cost you about 2 euro and it will fullfilled you for the rest of the day.

People are very carefull and sensitive, so behave and be carefull ! When you are still new to them they will treat you very carefull, but once you know them, they can turned into their own originality. They actually very nice and friendly people. I stayed there for 15 days, so people around are about to know me walking around each shops, restaurants and corners all over. They become friendly, after 2 or 3 times visits, eventhough you don't speak chinese they try to understand what you trying to tell or ask you with a tarzan language. One thing, I would like to agree that smile is the best language that can be accepted all over the world. Maybe one time you don't have a good response, but try the next time than you will agree with me. Do not stop trying to talk to them with our tarzan language, or just talk in our language and they will try to understand what you try to ask or tell them and don't forget to smile.

The outlook of the city, in-house restaurant and panoramic.
Here below I found some very usefull information for a new trader visit to Yiwu trading market.

I wish you a very good trip and hope that you will have a great time. Success!

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